Specifications Part Number
Modified/High Flowed Bosch Injector
Size: 1200cc (114 Lb/hr) @ 3bar and 1380cc (131Lb/hr) @ 4bar.
Impedance: High (12Ohms)
Plug: Bosch. Top O-Ring: 14mm.
Ethanol & Methanol Safe
Spray Pattern: Narrow Cone
Spray Direction: Straight 

Sold flow matched to a +/- 1% Variance (2% Total)



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*Direct fit applications
Ford Falcon FG/FG-X Turbo I6

*Injectors are a direct fit physically, but as with all Raceworks Injectors, will require a tune. While the vehicles listed above are direct fit, the injector can be used in many other applications with the appropriate extensions, o-rings or plug adapters. See Fuel Injector Upgrade Guide for more details.


Normally Aspirated Gasoline 230HP 175KW
Forced Inducted Low Boost Gasoline 195HP 145KW
Forced Inducted High Boost Gasoline 210HP 155KW
Normally Aspirated E85 170HP 125KW
Forced Inducted Low Boost E85 140HP 105KW
Forced Inducted High Boost E85 150HP 115KW