Premier Auto Trade Icon Series

Premier Auto Trade’s Icon Series range encompasses a diverse array of aftermarket automotive parts, catering to various vehicle needs. The range includes over 1600 parts across categories such as Fuel, Ignition, Emission, and Sensors. In terms of quality, the Icon Series products are designed to meet OE form, fit, and function, ensuring a high standard of performance and reliability. The products are engineered to suit a wide range of temperature and pressure applications, adhering to applicable SAE standards.

For instance, the Hose range includes types like Fuel and Emission Hose, Fuel Injection Hose, Transmission Cooler Hose, Power Brake Vacuum Hose, and Power Steering Hose, all available in different sizes and specifications to match the requirements of various vehicle models. The Icon Series also offers a comprehensive selection of Hose Clamps, with types such as Perforated, Fuel Hose, Nut & Bolt, CV Boot, Solid Band, Spring Loaded, T-Bolt, P Type, Ear Type, Quick release, and Universal Band, showcasing the versatility of the range.

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