Injector Flow Testing and Cleaning

Correctly operating petrol fuel injectors are an important part of the engine management system and are required to supply the correct amount of fuel to each cylinder. Blocked or leaking injectors can lead to heavy fuel consumption, hard starting and misfire which can lead to cat converter failure. Injector failure can also lead to serious engine damage if left unchecked.

We offer complete flow rate testing both wide open and pulsed which allows us to see problems with injector dead time etc. as well as leak testing.

The injectors are then ultrasonically cleaned, internal filters are removed and the injector can be back flushed to remove any debris that might be loose inside. After retesting the injectors filters and seals are replaced with a new set.

We are able to test in house

  • Standard top feed 11mm & 14mm 
  • Most side feed
  • SIDI and direct injection
  • Diesel Injectors (via Sublet)

We can source new injectors from many different suppliers if we find yours to be not functioning correctly.

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