Ignition Coil Testing

Some modern ignition coils are capable of producing over 80 000volts, this allows for better combustion, better fuel economy and performance. It also means that modern coils are susceptible to damage from old/worn spark plugs and leads. Contaminated fuel and oil leaks around the coils can also cause damage.

Misfiring ignition coils will lead to heavy fuel consumption poor performance and can lead to series engine damage.

Inject-a-carb can test an ignition coil out to approx 13mm gap simulating engine loads and compression ratios found in modern engines. 

We can test

  • Traditional oil filled coils
  • Coil over plug
  • Coils with and without an igniter
  • Waste spark 
  • Multi coil pack assemblies

We can source new ignition coils and spark plugs from many different suppliers if we find yours to be not functioning correctly.

Get in touch with us today our contact details can be found here https://injectacarb.com.au/contact-us

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