Surge Tanks (internal)

When reliable fuel delivery is your number one priority on the track and strip, a quality surge tank is your first line of defence against sustained lateral loads. Raceworks Surge Tanks have been crafted to meet the most extreme street and track conditions, and are perfectly robot welded from 5052 aluminium. They are presented with a tough, high polished finish or black anodised coating, and all inlet and outlet AN fittings are precision machined and tested for leak-free installation.


Part Number Height Width Depth Colour
ALY-083BK 225mm 195mm 195mm Black


Can be configured with either a single or twin pumps
Dual Stainless Electrical Terminals with Teflon Seals, allowing the pumps to be staged
AN-8 O-Ring Ports
Anodised in Black, providing Corrosion Resistance when used with E85
Viton O-rings supplied with Teflon Intank Hose
2.8L Capacity When Used With a Single Pump
2.6L Capacity When Used With Twin Pumps
Supports AN Hose Ends Up To 150Deg


Surge Tanks? purchased with Raceworks pumps include the recommended FPS-025 Fuel Strainers


Pump Compatibility List

Raceworks EFP-500 340LPH (Inline)
Walbro GSS340
Walbro GSS341
Walbro GSS342
Walbro F90000262
Walbro F90000267 (460)
Walbro F90000274
Walbro F90000285 (525)